Do you only work with South Asians?

Absolutely not! We created this space for South Asians because we believe in the power of representation. There are some cultural aspects that only fellow south asians will understand. However, we are not exclusively South Asian, we will treat whoever seeks therapy services at House of Hope. 

Do you take insurance?

We are not taking insurance at this time. We are self-pay but we offer sliding scale and scholarships based on the discretion of the therapist. Please go to #GivingHope page to learn more about our scholarships.

Do you provide virtual or in-person therapy?

At this time we are providing virtual therapy but we hope to have an office space in the Fall of 2023 to provide in-person services. 

Will my information be confidential?

As licensed therapists we are held to client confidentiality standards by our state licensing boards. Everything you say is confidential unless you are a harm to yourself or someone else. For virtual therapy you will be sent a HIPAA compliant video link to protect your confidentiality during your therapy session. The confidentiality agreement will be reviewed by your therapist during your first session. 

What will my first session look like?

During your first session your therapist will get to know more about you, review your goals for therapy and make a plan for how to support you during therapy. Your first session will give you an opportunity to share what brought you to therapy and your expectations for therapy.